Do you enjoy telling stories by the campfire or having a drink with friends next to the fireplace? Then BuyMyFire will help complete the experience. Don't miss out on adding color to those flames.

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Business entrepreneur and fitness partner, Alvion Harris combines these attributes to help you improve yourself and your business. With Alvion, success is inevitable.

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AJH Worldwide

AJH Worldwide connects you to the tools you need to advance your business, yourself, and contribute to the world around you. With AJH Worldwide, the possibilities are endless!

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Professionalism | We are professional and effective.

Are you tired of dealing with unprofessional and ineffective businesses? If so, connect with AJHWW to experience the difference. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and will provide you with the same level of service.


Customer Service | Our staff is ready to help.

AJHWW takes pride in providing excellent customer service and our track record shows it. Our customers have grown to trust and prefer us over other competitors. Contact us, our staff is ready to help.


Innovation | We bring a lot of new bright ideas.

We innovate, why don't you? At AJHWW we realize that the world keeps moving forward, and those left behind only get to tell tales. Which is why we continuously improve, focus on new ideas, and bring in new people with fresh minds to keep up with innovation.


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